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Rules & Scoring

Providing Everything You Need To Know


Scoring points

A rider needs to pass through a gate to score 10 points.

Each section will have 6 gates giving a maximum score of 60 points.

The rider is not through the gate until their back axle is completely through the gate.

Both axles have to pass through the gate, if either axle passes outside of the gate, or over the marker the rider will score 5 penalty points and the run will be over.

Its worth noting that a rider has to get their front axle through the end gate to score points for gate 6.

Penalty Points

The maximum penalty points are 5, if a rider accumulates 5 penalty points the run is over and the rider is awarded any scoring points they have accumulated so far.

If a rider is given a penalty point and their total penalty points are below 5, they can continue their run but will not get any scoring points for the next gate.


Helmets & Protection

Helmets are compulsory at all events at all times whilst on the bike.

Shin guards are strongly recommended, especially for under 16's.

Putting One Foot Down

This will score you one single penalty point.

If your foot passes over the centreline of your bike before putting your foot down, you will receive 5 penalty points.


Putting Both Feet Down

If you put both feet down simultaneously you will get the maximum 5 penalty points and your run will be over.


What If My Bike Is Through The Gate Before I Fall Off?

If your rear axle is through the gate before you touch the ground you will be awarded the points for that gate.

Although it is worth noting that the observers decision is final, and arguing with an observer may result in disqualification.


Using Your Bash & Pedals

For all categories riders can use their bash and pedals without incurring any penalty points.

Just make sure those feet don't touch anything!

Can I Lean My Bike Against An Obstacle

Unfortunately if you lean your bike against an obstacle and its not either your pedals or tyres you will get a penalty point.

If you lean any part of your body on an obstacle it is 5 penalty points.

If you clip your handle bar and it does not offer any help, the observer may decide to not give any penalty points.

Although it is worth noting that the observers decision is final, and arguing with an observer may result in disqualification.


Going Through Other Gates?

You can only go through the gates that are the same colour that you are riding.

You have to go through them in order and you cannot go through them twice, or go back through a gate.

All of these scenarios will result in 5 penalty points.

What If I Run Out Of Time?

Each rider has 2 minutes to complete each section, once the riders front axle is through the start gate the time starts.

 If the rider hasn't got their front axle through the end gate when the time is up, the rider will receive 5 penalty points.


Crossing Over Tape

A rider cannot touch the ground outside of the boundary of the tape, however, the front wheel can pass over the tape providing that it does not touch the ground.

If contact with the ground is made, or both wheels pass over the tape, 5 penalty points will be given.

Pushing the tape with any part of the bike is permitted.

Hitting A Marker

Hitting or knocking a marker is fine providing that no damage to the marker has been done.

If the marker needs to be reset or fixed following a collision then the rider will receive 5 penalty points.


Sliding Or Moving Feet Once On The Ground

Once you have put your foot down, you will be given the relevant penalty points, if you move or slide your foot this will be considered a new dab and futher penalty points will be given.

The rider is permitted to pivot the foot providing no distance from the point of contact is being gained.

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